WeChat Sign up – WeChat Messenger Registration | How to make Friends @ WeChat.com

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WeChat Sign up - WeChat Messenger Registration | How to make Friends @ WeChat.com

Wechat registration is the avenue for any new wechat user to access the wechat account platform, meanwhile after your are done with carrying out wechat sign up, you will be able to gain access to wechat messenger and have conversation with another wechat user via text, live chat, video chat, voice recording, and live calls.

However this awesome platform is full of amazing experience when it comes to social media messenger that is similar to Skype, WhatsApp, IMO, and lots more but what made wechat stand out in the crowd is due to its compelling and amazing features that enhance good user experience. And below are some of the features;

  • With wechat you can Share and showcase your best memories and moments using your own personal photo as stream.
  • You have total control over your message as its the first messaging app to be certified by TRUSTe.
  • Support up to 20 localized languages and as well translate messages to any language.
  • Also enhance your chatting experience with customized desktop app, custom notification, and official Accounts.
  • On WeChat your can connect with friends through various means such as ‘Friend Radar’, ‘People Nearby‘, and ‘Shake’ to meet others.
  • mobile across the whole world at a very low rate though limited to certain region.
  • Share multimedia messaging, send video, audio and text messages for free.
  • Also enjoy unlimited access to Group Chat and Calls and as well create group chats up to 500 users and make group call to up to 9 people.
  • There are unlimited number of stickers to enhance your interaction while chatting.

Without wasting much of your time, we will proceed with the effective procedures on how to carry out wechat sign up @ wechat.com official website.

Wechat sign up | wechat messenger Registration & Account login Guideline

  • Visit https://www.dev.wechat.com official sign up page
  • Then click on the wechat Sign Up icon,
  • On the interim of the Create account page, enter your details such as your personal informations, valid email address, and choice of password.
  • Fill in the verification code displayed on the space provided on the screen to verify your account.
  • Then Click on ‘Create Account’ button.

With above procedures I gues you have learn how to sign up for wechat, however if you find this procedure stressful, kindly   click here to sign up for wechat with your Facebook account. But if you don’t have Facebook account, kindly   click here to create an account today.

Wechat account login

Now that you are done with reviewing our article on how to create wechat account, kindly visit the official website of wechat and utilize the sign in page to log into your wechat messenger account or if possible download the wechat App to your device for fast and easy accessibility.

Wechat messenger App download

However Now that you are don reviewing our article on wechat sign up, the app is available to all android, iPhone and windows phones. All you have to do is visit play store or app store then use the search box to search “wechat”, then start downloading it once you click on the download or install link.

How to add friends on wechat messenger

Their are 7 ways in which one can add friends on wechat which includes the following;

  • Add by WeChat ID. If your have your friend’s WeChat ID, you can add your friend directly using their WeChat ID.
  • Add by scanning WeChat QR Code.
  • Add by Mobile Contacts.
  • Add by People Nearby.
  • Add by Shake.
  • Add by Drift Bottle.
  • Add by Showing your QR Code.


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