VPN Tethering APK Download to Share free browsing cheats On PC

VPN Tethering APK Download to Share free browsing cheats On PC with VPN

Do you know that thousands of people is surfing the internet searching for update on how to do free browsing using VPN however while Most of us has being enjoying free browsing cheats for many years by making use of Psiphon, Tweakware, Queencee, Syphonshield, Stark, AnonyTun and similar VPN’s applications on Android smartphone devices and have been hoping for how it will be possible on PC, though so many online gurus has discovered so many tricks for years that they have been making use of and on this methods includes, pdaNet, etisalat social me cheat which go viral then till this latest one come along BetaGol VPN and this very one works perfectly on PC’s, but on this very update i will be sharing with you how to achieve that.

however, this very browsing cheat am talking about works on PC, and you will be required to make use of an App known as VPN Tethering, this tethering VPN is a free android App that will enable you to send data to other hotspot enabled devices even if it’s protected by Virtual Private Network (VPN).

SOo many online guru’s are testifying and i my self have tested it and see the nice work of this app, it works very good but dgood on’t forget that pdaNet is still a better alternative due to the fact that when the pro version is activated and works perfectly well with foxfi key.

However i will now proceed to show you how to make use of this VPN Tethering App on android to share data connection with the aid of VPN APP without slow browsing speed meanwhile the app is compatible on android 4 kitkat and above that.

Well, if your phone is not rooted, you can go through some article online to root your phone, but i will provide an update on how to root your phone just immediately after this update on this cheat.


♥ The First thing to do is to, Download VPN Tethering Apk

♥ Then Install and launch the App, then minimize it or run in background

♥ The Next step is to, connect your VPN either Tweakware, AnonyTun, Psiphon or whatever VPN you are using to browse for free on your smartphone.

♥ Now turn on your Hotspot (You should see that in Settings)

♥ Also turn on the WiFi on your device or any device you are connecting to

♥ Finally, click go to VPN Tethering you minimized in step 2 and tap VPN via Hotspot

Woow!!! That’s how you can share glo 0.0KILOBITE cheat, Etisalat 0.0kb cheat and other free browsing cheats from your Android device to  PC without spending a dine.


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