United kingdom (UK) marriage registration requirements for new couples

Due to some unforeseen factors marriage need to be properly documented due to the fact that obtaining a marriage certificate is very crucial. this is important because it shows that you are legally married to your partner. presently on this page we have enlisted out the basic requirements for marriage registration in the UK and the significance of marriage certificate. as a new couple to be you have to make certain preparation to ensure that your marriage is documented and registered.

marriage registration

Groom and bride register marriage. Wedding.

The marriage certificate is considered the most vital document of a marriage. It is to prove that a couple is legally wedded. A couple’s marriage certificate becomes a requirement when applying for a passport and for opening a bank account after the wedding. In case of any marriage disputes the marriage certificate is considered as a very strong evidence of the wedding.

For women a marriage certificate is very important in the case of any marriage dispute since it provides valid evidence of the wedding. If an individual wishes to get a life insurance policy he/she must present his/her marriage certificate.

The IMPORTANCE of a Marriage Certificate are as follow:

A marriage certificate is extremely helpful in obtaining visas for both husband and wife.
A marriage certificate is a document that provides valuable proof of matrimony. When an unpleasant situation such as a dispute (might be criminal or civil) takes place between husband and wife whether it is related to dowry, separation, maintenance or other issues.

A certificate of marriage registration safeguards against denunciation of the wedding by any one spouse.
A certificate of marriage registration enables a spouse in claiming life insurance return or bank deposits in case of demise of the Insurer or depositor without any nominee.
Among married women particularly, a marriage certificate provides self confidence and social security.

The following are marriage registration requirement in the United kingdom:

The following documentation and information is required from each party when giving notice at a register office:

  • Full name and address
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Current status (single, divorced,widowed/widowered); proof of divorce or dissolution of a civil
  • partnership is required if applicable
  • Occupation
  • travel document
  • Information on the intended venue for the marriage
  • Those subject to immigration control may need to provide additional documents (Certificate of Approval or visa)
  • Proof of identity, such as a passport, should be taken, with if applicable, proof of divorce or dissolution of a previous partnership. There is a fee for giving notice.

The registration also needs the prove of your address, like the following:

1. bank or building society statement from the last month.
2. valid UK or UK EEA driving licence
3. council tax bill from the last 12 months
4. current tenancy agreement
5. letter from your landlord confirming you live there and including your land lord’s name, address and 6. their signature dated within the last 7 days.

Payment Fee for marriage Registration

Be aware that payment of £35  fee will be made by each of you when you attend the registration office to give notice. you can pay more if you and your partner are from Switzerland or EEA.

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