Top 6 Safety Tips For Using Public WiFi

Top 6 Safety Tips For Using Public WiFi  – Do you know how awesome it feels when one have access to free Wi-Fi, it feels so super awesome because you don’t have to spend a dine subscribing or getting internet data, just as we updated recently about Chelsea free WiFi to its Fans in Stamford bridge, however lots of free Wi-Fi is ongoing in top cities, Towns, Schools, business environments and much more.

However we are updating with this article to help you with the safety tips to secure your data while using public Wi-Fi.

We all know that with Free Wi-Fi, you will have unlimited Acess to internet connectivity, to stream videos online, surf the internet, and engage in much more.

Come to think of it, many free Wi-Fi has know decided to start using Password to protect its Wi-Fi from the general public which have give rise to lots of Applications that promises to Access, unlock or hack Wi-fi, which sounds funny, meanhile i will be sharing with you tips on how to protect your personal data when using free Wi-Fi or Safety Tips For Using Public WiFi

Top 6 Safety Tips For Using Public WiFi

♥ Before Connecting to WiFi Turn Off File Sharing

When using public Wi-Fi it is best to turn off all file sharing and restrict access to your computer by disabling remote login from other computers in your network. This is to prevent easy access to your data and keep your data protected. You can also turn off network discovery to prevent others from seeing your device on the network. All these can be done through the control panel (for Windows) or system preferences (Mac) of your computer.

♥ Turn Off Wi-Fi After use

One of the basic rules of using untrusted networks is to switch it off when you’re done using it. It’s a great security habits that also helps save your battery. You can make things easier for yourself by downloading the offline version of whatever it is you’re working on so you don’t have to stay online for long periods on an untrusted network.

♥ Keep Your Antivirus and Antimalware Updated

If you know you are inclined to using public Wi-Fi networks on your device, it is best to ensure your device is running on a good and up to date antimalware utility and antivirus utility. Whatever antimalware or antivirus you choose to use just ensure it’s a good one, it’s up to date and you keep it running especially when using public Wi-Fi.

♥ Install Privacy-Protecting Browser Extensions

Privacy-protecting browser extensions are tools that will help to fortify your browser. These privacy-protecting browser extensions gives you more control over your browsing experience and helps you lock out anything you need to, in addition to protecting you from network attacks like session hijacking and clickjacking.

♥ Use Your Own Wi-Fi Instead of Public Wifi

Your best protection from the dangers of public Wi-Fi is to simply not use it. Whether you’re using mobile hotspot or tethering the network from your smartphone, using your personal Wi-Fi offers you the safest browsing experience – much safer than the use of public Wi-Fi. However, there are unavoidable times when public Wi-Fi will be needed and in those times you can take necessary measures (like the one’s listed above) to protect your data.

♥  Protect Your WiFi From Public Access

this will also be another best protection to your personal WiFi from the general public, because no one will see a free WiFi and neglect it, Adding Password to your WiFi don’t only protect your Data but Keeps your WiFi Private.


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