Tips to keeping things manageable during a passionate Argument

If you find your self arguing with some one, which is common among different individuals our mind gets fired up and it’s not easy to keep a leveled head when the Adrenaline hormone in our body is pumping hard, the thing is, how to get you self in control when the other person is shouting and saying all sort of things.

It is very ok when you find your self in argument and both of you have the opportuinity to get your points across. even though thins are hitting up, it is very great when you all are on level ground with low voice and good idea exchange.

⇒Below are guidelines to help you keeping things manageable during a passionate Argument.

  • Take a good deep breath
  • Observe and know the other person’s emotion
  • briefly summarize the other persons sayings
  • Agree on how each other can be equally heard

⇒ Listen to the other persons opinion without a response

Take a good deep breath: it is always normal to take a deep breath during any form of high pressure state you may find your self, you can take permission from the person you are sharing arguement or controversy with and take a deep breath, this will help you to collect your thought and will stimulate your nervous system to start cooling.

⇒ Observe and know the other person’s emotion:

it is great if you take emparthy on the person you are argueing with, it is very essential to have an effective dialogue, alway identify how the other person is feeling, And, “angry” doesn’t cut it. What’s underneath it? Are they feeling dismissed or slighted? Hurt? Defensive or angry.

⇒ briefly summarize the other persons sayings:

to let the other person know that you are inerested to what ever he/she is saying and have good conversation that will yield good out outcome, always try to summarize the other persons responses. this doesn’t mean the end of the arguement but can make the sense of communication very open. it will enable the other person to clearly understand your point and will calm both of you since you guys are unerstanding each other.

⇒ Agree on how each other can be equally heard:

if things get complicated and heated up you can take a seat back as a way to show the other person that you are not that very aggressive and negotiate the term of how you can continue. this will look this way “lets keep talking” but “no shouting over each other any more” you can let each other understand that you guys are angry right now, if you can’t establish this bound is better to quit the argument and brainstorm to continue next time.

⇒ Listen to the other persons opinion without a response

in other to have a smooth argument always give a listening eye to your colleague though is one of the hardest thing to do in argument, rather than to keep drafting response on any argument is quite better to seat back and let your colleague to finish delivering his or her own point, you need to know that argument is all about who wins, so take you time to give a listening eye to each other and make the argument to go smoothly till the very end.

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