how to shape your waist without breaking your budget

Summer is getting closer and so too the right time for fad diets and quick-fix weight-loss programs.many aqussies vying to get very fit get hooked on shakes, purchase devices like reignite and fitbits their long lost relationship with the gym. don’t get tired reading as MICHELLE BRIDGES lectures you on how you can TRIM your waist without failing to adapt to your bulget.

IBISWorld indicates that the diet industry is increasing consumers are spending 630.5 million worth of dollars on weight-loss counselling, low-calorie foods and dietary supplements, likewise 2.1 billion worth of dollars on gym memberships and hefty 412.5 million worth of dollars on personal trainers in 2016-2017…


while you got good intentions, it’s easy to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars
on fads fads while you could be trimming your budget and waistline with a common diet and exercise activities.

FITNESS EXPERT MICHELLE BRIGDES believes Aussies can get fit and healthy relatively quick at the off chance that they set their mind to it and without great cost.

“when it occurs to both your finances and your health, the most powerful tool is knowledge,” she qoutes. “you dont even need a gym membership to get fit – head to your local park or do a workout at home, there’s no excuse.”

She encourages those looking to trim up to eat healthy, fresh food which is “good for your waistline and your wallet.”

this is made up of going to the supermarket or fruit and vegie shops armed with a shopping list, buying items in season and purchasing in bulk so the food to prepare and freeze.

similarly to former or retired triple gold medal swimmer libby trickett, who is studying to become a personal trainer, says there are so many no cost ways to keep fit.

Trickett, in this year’s brishbane fitness and health expo, has taken a new look at exercise.

she qoutes:

“When I was an athlete I could never have imagined that I would say that walking is fantastic … but since becoming a mother, I’ve realised it’s a great, easy, convenient, low impact exercise that has massively contributed to getting fit post baby,’’

she says.

“As long as you have a pair of sneakers, you can literally walk anywhere.’’ She also encourages people to look out for free fitness classes on the internet or by searching your local council guide to see if there are free exercise options available’.

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