Register – Easy way to carry out gmail registration

Register - Easy way to carry out gmail registration

For you to do your gmail account sign up or Register is very simple and its been carried out in the official website of, however am going to walk you through on the easiest part to create a Gmail account here on this very webpage.

However rocketmail is just the same as rediffmail, hotmail,  yahoo mail, yopmail and some other top webmail providers.

Google mail is one of the most majorly used mail around the globe today due to its tremendous functionality, do you know that google mail has multiple functions that you can never imaging that other webmail does not have putting away that it is owned by the search engine giant, however on this very webpage i will equally share with you how you the multi functional nature of google mail that made it dominate other webmail providers.

Overview of Gmail account – accounts

Hello dear as i said before google mail has multi roles it performs as a webmail apart from composing and sending mail, mean while i will briefly highlight account that is accessible with the help of google mail account as follow;

YouTube; we all know that youtube is owned by google but for you to sign in to your youtube account, you will be required to sign in with your google mail account or if you want to create a youtube channel.

Google Adsense; We publishers know that it is only with the aid of google mail / gmail account that we can access our google adsense account or even apply for adsense however this is awesome.

Search console; this is other wise known as google analytics with the help of gmail account you will get to link your website to google webmaster where you will carry out different activities regarding your website with google.

Blogger; blogger is a website based platform or publishing platform where you can create your own personal blog for free with the aid of gmail account for free and write about what you have passion for just as i have passion for publishing tech articles and news updates.

However there are lots of other platform that is owned by google that is accessible with the aid of this gmail account such as google play store account, googl+ account, and lots more.

However In order to have complete access to gmail, you will have to create an account and if you create gmail account you will be able to access account.

Gmail account Sign up tips – Register

For you to create a Gmail account the following must be provided;

  • Your Full Name
  • Choose a Rediffmail ID
  • Password
  • Alternative Email Address (optional)
  • Mobile Phone No.
  • Date of Birth and Your Gender

How to create your Gmail account free (Register

  • Visit the Gmail account Sign Up or Register official website
  • then click on account sign up On the interim of the page.
  • however fill in correctly the above mentioned details as required on the registration form.

Gmail registration made easy - sign up and login to

Gmail account login procedures made easy

How to download Gmail App to your device.

Now the Gmail Registration is completed, the app is available to all android, iPhone and windows phones. All you have to do is visit play store or app store then use the search box to search “GMAIL”, then start downloading it once you click on the download link, or Install button., view the image below.

Gmail registration made easy - sign up and login to


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