Download Latest Reality VPN 3.8 Apk download / free premium server

Reality VPN 3.8 Apk download is an awesome cracked tweakware VPN that allows its users to enjoy free tweakware premium server without making use of your credit card, however Reality VPN has made it affordable to those that can’t afford to spend cash monthly on tweakware.

However, the reality VPN servers has lots of servers that you can easily get your self connected with browse free as you can, it can not get you disconnect easily like the official tweakware server app, it has been cpnfigured to offer its users awesome browsing experience, and comes with tweakware bundled settings for most networks like glo, etisalat and lots more.

Outstanding features that will make you to download Reality VPN 3.8 Apk

  • 1. allows users to enjoy free tweakware premium servers,
  • 2. completely free of cost / no monthly subscription
  • 3. Smaller app size.
  • 4. Connect faster than other tweakware.

Reality VPN 3.8 Specifications

  • Reality VPN 3.8 is created and designed from tweakware servers,
  • Reality VPN 3.8 is an android app designed from an already made tweakware vpn app.
  • Reality VPN 3.8 was designed and edited by Cracker Lordz with the help of his team{Cracker Teamz}.
  • The major purpose of editing this app is to try and satisfy our browsing needs.
  • To allow easy connection for free users.
  • I have been receiving complains from our team about how tweakware never connects and disconnects after connected.
  • That is why we decided to introduce this app to you all.

how to make use of Reality VPN/Troubleshooting

if you try to connect to reality VPN server and you are encountering error such as “maximum number of users reached” on a server, all you need to do is to try all over again untill it gets you connected.

Kindly Download Reality VPN 3.8 Apk here

Remember that you will not be able to start intall Reality VPN in the same Device that tweakware App is inside or installed.

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