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medicare prescription Drug plan: The American association of retired persons, {AARP} Based in United State is an association that has the mission At heart to maintain the quality of life for mostly Aged personals. this association was founded at the year of 1958 by Percy Andrus, PhD holder and a retired educator from the city of California, and Loenard Davis, whom later found Group of insurance companies known as colonial Penn Group today. This association AARP Medicare has three Medicare plan they are offering which is listed below;

  • The Medicare Advantage plans

  • medicare supplementary insurance

  • the medicare prescription Drug plan

However, this drug prescription plan is a Government program which is insured by the USA Healthcare but is undertaken by AARP.

This drug prescription plan covers huge amounts of dollars with an affordable bills as low as $1 from the required pharmacy network.

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For you to be part of this extra-ordinary medicare plan which is prescription drug plan, it is necessary you have to enroll or register Via United State healthcare which is an exception of a private insurance company.

But If you get to be part of AARP drug prescription plan, you will have a lot of Fascinating advantage to enjoy. lots of AARP drug prescription plan has covered, a big pharmacy network with Above 50, 000 – 55, 000 locations, and many more.

Before we proceed to show you how to receive medicare prescription drug plan, i will like to share with you how it works;


AARP drug prescription plan is really simple to locate in your region you just have to ensure that you follow the following procedures listed below;

medicare prescription Drug plan | How To Recieve It in your Region

  • Visit official webesite,

  • click on “Our Plans” there will be a pop-up page look for “medicare drug prescription plan” and select.

  • Navigate through the page at the right part you will find “Medicare Prescription Drug Plans in Your Area”. Enter your ZIP code and click proceed.

  • The next page will contain a  form containing an essential information of drug prescription drug plans in your region. select your required plan and click on the proceed button to be enrolled.

  • Then click on the view plan information detail and click next.

  • Beneficiary information must be filled accurately as needed then click next.

  • After you are done with your application adhere to the instructions as shown to submit your application. However, for more information related to this Guideline; click here


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