Latest Settings for Glo 0.00kilobite Free Browsing with AnonyTun VPN

Latest Settings for Glo 0.00kilobite Free Browsing with AnonyTun VPN – have finally found a tunnelling app which is very stable in connection and working perfectly for Glo 0.00kb Free Browsing, this app will make you enjoy your Glo 0.00kb free Browsing especially those who find it difficult to connect with Glo 0.00kb free Browsing.

For Some time now, Glo has been bailing us out of lack of long lasting free Browsing Tweaks and one of it is the recent free 100GB Airtel social plan which Yesterday Airtel wiped away their Data, Though some where able to use as much as 50GB or more in Downloading. Back to our main article, The recent most Tunneling app for Glo 0.0kb free browsing is “AnonyTun” VPN Apk sound Like Anony”mous” which helps to make Glo 0.00kb Stable.

Here I am going to Give you every Detail you need to know to make the latest Setting of Glo 0.00kb Free Browsing Stable with AnonyTun VPN Apk.

Requirements to activate and start using AnonyTun VPN on your smartphone

  • Glo Sim
  • Stable Glo Network
  • AnonyTun VPN

AnonyTun VPN Phone Settings or configurations

  • Name: dailyspina
  • APN: Glosecure
  • APN Type: Default, Supl
  • Proxy: Blank
  • Port: Blank
  • Username: secure
  • Password: secure

Latest Settings for Glo 0.00kilobite Free Browsing with AnonyTun VPN

Here are the settings for Glo 0.00kb Free browsing, Carefully set AnonyTun VPN Apk to start enjoy stable connection.

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The first thing you are to do is to Download AnonyTune VPN  first on your device an then proceed with the following;

First step;

  •  click on Anonytun to Open AnonyTun VPN
  • Click on Stealth Settings.
    Turn on Stealth Tunnel.
  • Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
  • Connection Port to 80.
  • Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers then set it as follows

2nd step

  • URL/Host: or
  • Request method: POST.
  • Injection method: Normal.
  • Tick User-Agent.
  • Leave other boxes un-ticked.
  • Click on Generate.
  • Then Save.
  • Then proceed to Click on Connect , wait few seconds for AnonyTun to connect on your device.

Meanwhile, With the Settings above you will be Enjoying Glo 0.00kb free browsing with the Custom Settings of AnonyTun VPN Apk with your device and browser.

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