Select Jewelry According To Your Style of fashion

Exhausted of wearing your old outfits in the same, standard way? Add some flavor to your every day garments by adorning with the right sort of jewery.


A bold chain, articulation studs or wrist trinket sleeves can have the universe of an effect to your clothing.

Be that as it may, while adorning, playing around with the right sort of embellishments is key. Be mindful to little points of interest like your face structure, features, hair and so on as they must be taken into consideration when accessorizing. Here are a couple tips to help you pick the ideal jewery for your outfit.

  • Earrings

Aside from lighting up your garments, Earrings illuminate confront as well. Thus, when picking the ideal match of Earrings, take your face shape as your guide, diverse shapes and sizes of Earrings are worn on various face shapes and structures.

  • Jewels-and-accessories

Oval face cut: This is the most straightforward face structure to dress up up. A wide range of hoops suit an oval face shape, from proclamation crystal fixtures, thin circles to little studs, even oval molded dangled Earrings.

Be that as it may, to a great degree since quite a while ago dangled Earrings may make the face show up too long, so maintaining a strategic distance from it is ideal.

Round face cut: As those with a round face cut have wide cheekbones, precise studs with geometrical shapes or drop Earrings will make the face seem more rakish, round enormous bands will just mix with your face structure making your face appear to be more extensive.

Square face cut: Thinner earrings with oval or curved danglers, earrings tapering to the bottom or small circular earrings look best with a square face cut. As those with a square face cut have heavy jaw lines, avoid wearing long and wide earrings that would draw attention to the jaw line.

Heart shape face cut: Triangular shapes like oval or teardrop earrings suit this face shape best as it offers more width to the narrow jaw line. The ideal earring shape would be anything that is narrow in top and wider at the bottom, helping elongate the face.

Long face cut: Smaller, simpler circular or square shapes compliment this face structure as anything long or dangling will only make the face shape appear even longer.

  • Bracelets

As statement jewelry is the latest trend, make no exceptions for statement bracelets. But there are a few rules you need to follow when making a statement. While bold earrings and cuffs go well when paired, only proceed to do so if you are wearing a self coloured or plainer top. Too many designs and prints will clash with your jewelry. If you’re stacking many bold bracelets, only do it on one arm, leaving your other arm bare.

  • Rings

Your carefully manicured hands deserve to be dressed up too. From simple multiple rings to bold cocktail rings, there are plenty of options to select from. Avoid bright glittery polish if you’re stacking multiple rings, keep your polish simple so that you can go all out with the ring accessorizing.

  • Necklace

The number of ways you can play around with your necklaces is never ending. From layering your simpler pendants to the long chain trend, the list goes on.

The neckline and print of your top plays an important role. Self colored tops, round or v necks look best with statement neckpieces.

If you’re wearing a statement neckpiece then do not wear any other large jewelry, like big earrings. The idea is to make a statement while maintaining space and balance in your outfit. Strapless dresses or bare shouldered tops go well with big bold necklaces.


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