How to send emails using Gmail – Google mail Review

How to send emails using Gmail – Emails also known as electronic mails are messages sent through the internet to people around the world. It’s a secure way of sending messages be it personal or corporate, and it delivers within clicks of seconds. its fast, safe and reliable even with feedback as to whether the mail is delivered or not. In this article we’ll put you through how to send one using a gmail account.


  • You will need a mobile phone or a PC with internet access.
  • You need to have an email address (gmail) or create one.
  • You need the recipient’s email address.
  • If you have files to be attached, do well to have them scanned and saved in a folder so you can easily attach.

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How to send emails using Gmail @

If these are ready let’s proceed to sending an email

  • On your mobile phone or PC, go to your internet browser, type
  • Once the page opens click on the top right panel on the screen to attempt a login function.
  • Once the login page appears type in you gmail account name with or without the (

How to send emails using Gmail - Google mail Review

  • On the following second page type type in your password to complete the login process.
  • On your dashboard, at the top left corner, click on compose. it will open a blank mail window where you can create or write a message and send.

How to send emails using Gmail - Google mail Review

  • On the top of the blank window, type the address of the recipient at ‘To’ box. you can also add other recipients at the ‘Cc’ and ‘Bcc’ boxes or tabs
    NOTE: using ‘cc’ and ‘Bcc’ for other recipients ensure their individual security
  • You put the title or topic of the email in the ‘subject’ box. it should be short but precise.

How to send emails using Gmail - Google mail Review

  • The next field below the ‘subject’ is where you type the body of the message.At the bottom of the compose window are other functions such as attach shown as a ‘clip’ to attach files, and other text and picture formatting tools.
    NOTE: there’s a limit to file sizes in ‘MB’


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At the end of your composition, check for errors on the recipient’s address, and possibly gramatical errors. once you are satisifed, click ‘send’.

  • At the top of your dashboard a ‘message sent successfully’ note will pop-up to indicate the mail was sent.
  • You can also verify if the message is sent by clicking ‘sent’ on the left pane of the dashboard.

Sending an email using gmail has never been simpler than what you just read and did. Thanks


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