How to reply to Instagram Stories Using Image or video

Hello dear do you know that instagram is out with another features of How to reply to Instagram Stories Using Image or video however, Instagram has at long last update to enable clients to answer to Instagram Stories with a video or photograph, At the point when Instagram Stories were presented a while back, answers were in a standard content arrangement however fell somewhat shy of the usefulness of opponent online social media Snapchat.

And recently on this page we have discused a little about how to go live on instagram by uploading live videos, if you don’t know how to do that kindly click here to know how to do so.

In any case interestingly Instagram clients could perceive how often stories had been seen – and in addition who was viewing  and it remained like that for some time.

Be that as it may, things are currently changing with Instagram updates its application to enable its 700 million clients to post a video or photo in light of somebody’s story. That additionally implies access to all Instagram’s camera capacities including channels or filters, boomerang, rewind and stickers and also catching your response. Like Snapchat that photo or video reaction naturally vanishes before long and your friends will know whether you’ve taken a screenshot or replayed an answer or a reply.

The recent update makes it simpler to transform any of those discussions into something significantly more visual. It is only one of the ways we’re attempting to make Guide the best place to have a great time, visual discussions with friends on Instagram.’

Instructions to post a video or photo / How to reply to Instagram Stories Using Image or video

  • To answer to a story, tap the camera catch while viewing a story
  • Capture a photograph, video or boomerang and include any inventive apparatuses you’d like. When you hit SEND you can keep watching stories
  • Answers to your story show up in your inbox as usual. Photograph and video answers are highlighted in blue and vanish once you utilize them

Procedures to see who takes a look at your posts on Instagram Stories

  • While more established web-based social networking webpage, for example, Facebook and Instagram dependably avoided individuals seeing who sees their posts (beside preferences and remarks), Snapchat dependably took the inverse view in enabling clients to see precisely who had seen recordings and picture stories before they auto erased or deleted.

How to reply to Instagram Stories Using Image or video

  • Accordingly, Instagram set up ‘Instagram Stories’ with the capacity for client to post more than one picture story and in addition recordings. The thought was to put a conclusion to “overposting” and stopping up your devotee’s encourage with similar pictures.


  • To see somebody’s story or make your own, simply tap their profile picture (or your own) on the highest point of the Instagram application. Somebody’s profile picture will seem bright if there is another story to see. Instagram stories erase following 24 hours and don’t show up in client’s profiles or matrices.


  • They likewise chosen to break with convention and enable clients to see who had seen the posts. To do as such, transfer a story at that point go to it by clicking your profile symbol on the upper left of the Instagram application and swipe upward. An eyeball picture will then show up and Instagram will give you a number of what number of individuals have seen the story and in addition who.


  • Alongside the update came a search work, which means it is currently significantly less demanding to check whether somebody tails you. Simply click on the magnifying glass on the base bar of the application and sort in the name. You can likewise check whether they followed you back.


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