How to live a stress free and happy life – life hack

Some centuries ago, a man found himself meeting one physician to another due to the fact that he have developed some unknown or strange food allergies, the doctors couldn’t detect any thing that is wrong, and he ended up meeting a therapist. at the end it was not food that was making him ill, but his lifestyle, he is in a complicated relationship, his job is very stressful, his not eating healthy, and he always try his best to please people around him except him self.


but quite unfortunate he discovered that he have to leave a stress free live, bellow are the things he did to finally have a stress free life style.

1. live healthy
2. Avoid toxic situation and people
3. self-management
4. Assist other people around out there.
5. be mindful and breathe.

♦ Live Healthy:

There is one specific thing i want my readers to know, the earlier we realize that our body is the only body we will ever have, the better off we will be. always do the right things that we keep your body healthy, take proper care of your self, eat a healthy diet, avoid foods and eateries that may course harm to your system such as smoking of tobacco, alcohol, the use of pain killer drugs or narcotic, eating junk foods such as fast food, sugar, artificial foods and fats.

♦ Avoid toxic situation and people:

if it appears to be that there are some situation in life that is pulling you down and making you miserable, you have to eliminate it soonest, if its your career or your relationship is complicated all you need to do is to try to fix it, seek an attention of professional adviser if its not getting any better, all you need to do is to come out of the relationship and find the perfect match that will suit your life, my dear ones you get out of any form of energy leakage, you will recover quickly.

♦ self management:

you have to know how to do some certain things on your own which you will not stay to wait for some one to do for you such as eating your regular meal, sleep well or abide to good sleeping habits by going to bed before midnight, wake up early, learn how to always drink a cup of water as you wake up in the morning. take a walk at-least ones in a day to beautiful places either in the beach, garden or in the park and always take a deep breathe of fresh air.

have a time schedule of your activities and don’t live in confusion of your daily activities, get it down early and have other time left to enjoy your self in a stress free life.

♦ Assist other people around out there:

you may see your self that your life is worse than other peoples own, but if you look around and see other people you will notice that you are better off than thousands out there whom are having a miserable life, as you get to find a way to help them either financially or by advising them or by any technique you may use, you will get to feel worthy of yourself by the help you render to other less privileged people that are not living a stress free life.


♦ Be mindful and breathe:

Many don’t know that breathing is one of the vital things that makes us alive today i don’t mean you don’t breath but have you ever want to a garden, a park or a beautiful place then take a proper breathe deep down your belly, this calms the body nervous system naturally, at this present moment don’t think about your past or the future, in this very moment.

Now if you can adapt to a stress free life style you will get to know that life is worth living.

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