how to improve sexual life – foods that is essential for your life

how to improve sexual life – When it comes to sexual performance Maca, apples, peppers, green tea, red wine, chocolate, and ginseng  etc are essential foods that worth’s much for our healthy way to have all the engine in the body running, this foods don’t just contain supplement that will improve the body system but can enhance and boost libidos. and this foods are very essential to boost and improve your sexual life.

The following are the list of foods that are essential to get your love life amazing. – how to improve sexual life

1. Maca:

according to history of Andean Mountains, Maca roots has been utilized as a healing super food for ages, the root is consumed in form of a powder. according to 2010 study published in “BMC complementary and alternative medicine” pointed out that Maca can help to increase sexual desire when taken in a dosage of 1.5 to three grams per day for a number of weeks like 6 weeks it has a very distinct malt flavor and delicious when added to shakes.


according to the popular saying which says that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” a discovery was made 2014 study of more than 600 women discovered that eating apple on regular basis led to better overall sexual perfomance and increase lubrication. scientists believe that the due to some constituents like phytoestrogens, antioxidants and polyphenols present in apple helps to play a role in this outcome.

3. peppers:

due to the hot nature of pepper it may pertain to more than just sex, chemicals like capsaicin, a chemical found in pepper is what that gives chilies, jalapenos and habaneros their fire, this also enhance and increases circulation which enhances sexual performance. discovery also indicates that capsaicin releases endorphins, leaving the body feeling very okay.

4. Red wine:

Red wine contains antioxidants, that stimulates blood flow, according to discovery made by italian researchers surveyed that up to 700 – 800 women whom drank a glass of red wine a day reports good sexual performance and desire compared to those of them that drank more than two glasses of alcohol per day or those whom abstain from drinking any altogether.

5. Green tea:

green tea is generally known for its health benefits starting from immunity, weight loss and cancer prevention. green tea also plays its own role when it comes to sex, green tea contains antioxidants known as catechin that keeps the blood vessels healthy and circulation pumping and aid in sexual performance. when it comes to tea choose green tea because of the presence of catechins and its more essential than black tea and oolong teas.

6. Chocolate:

chocolate is made up a compound known as phenylethylamine, which helps to increase pleasure stimulating endorphins. a U.K research discovered that chocolates actually beat out kissing when it reach a point of getting the heart pounding and making the body feel good. for a better health benefits, always take chocolate which contain at most 70% cacao.

7. crab:

crab is also players a major role when it comes to libido boosting, crab is among the foods that contains minerals responsible for boosting-libido and it contains Zinc which is very essential for ensuring adequate testosterone level in men.

8. ginseng:

According to a research from University of Hawaii it was indicated that ginseng was a significant boost in libido and sexual performance and satisfaction among men and women consuming ginseng. it was also discovered that ginseng aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction among men. it was a long use medicine in Chinese medications.

9. Nuts:

Acording to a study performed on walnuts, it was discovered that men who ate walnuts on daily basis have more sexual improvement because it improves sperms vitality and motility. it is also a good source vitamin E, which also help to reduce vaginal dryness. nuts is high in amino acid called L-arginine, arginine turns into a gas called nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and helps to increase blood flow to all parts of the body.

10. Saffron:

saffron is a spice that is used in cooking and as a fragrance found in perfumes, it aids to stimulate sexual performance. while cooking Spanish paella sprinkling this spice on the chicken.

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