How to Control Android With Face | Touch-less control

Hi Pals! do you know that you can now control android with face, this is to show you that technology is taking another phase all together, that you will use your face to control your android device, however you might think is not possible but here in this article you will find out how to that that by following the simple procedures i will be sharing with you.

Come to think of it when Spanish Vodafone foundation developed an Android App that will enable you to control your Android device just by moving your face. The App is known as “Eva Facial Mouse” this App makes it possible to have access to your android easily. if you are using google assistant then you will know that the feature of this app like the voice recognition Feature, which will perform the function According to voice command.

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However the main disadvantage of the Google assistance is some functions may not be runing. The app “Eva facial mouse ” is working properly with all the functions it is performing. however get the app and enjoy the good user experience.

However without wasting much of your time we are going to proceed to show you how to control android with face.

How to control android with face | Touch-less control

This App is only 24MB and it is available in google playstore kindly download the app using the link provided below.

  • First, go to Security option on setting and Tick on Unknown sources.
  • Download the “Eva facial mouse” from this link and install it.
  • Now open the apps, Whenever you open, it show an Accessibility grant permission just tap on the Ok button and make it usable.
  • On the next step, it shows instructions to setup. You see the ” Eva Keyboard” make it default keyboard.
  • To do, go to settings-Language, and Input+Current Keyboard >Choose Keyboards and enable “EVA Keyboard.”
  • Then it is tracking your face to run the mouse pointer on the screen. For detected your head natural positions, around 30-50 cm and better light conditions.
  • After that, it says to setup the pointer speed. By default, it has 8 for both us Horizontal and Vertical Movement.

On choosing the move to adjust the speed of the pointer and other settings There are many things to config order to work this application. Final says to dock menu option you can manage it for your choice.

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