How to go live on Instagram / instagram live streaming with Android & ios

Hi pals! are you aware of the latest Instagram update on how to go live on instagram / instagram live features, if yes i want you to know that you can now share all your amazing live videos with your Instagram followers all at a go by following the detailed procedures we will be sharing with you. however Instagram has now joined many of its social media competitors like facebook, snapchat and more by enabling users to broadcast live videos from its Instagram app.

Meanwhile, Do you feel like shareing those amazing moments that you are playing and having nice time with your dog pet or cat pet, or those funny moments when you are having a picnic with your loved ones or family, or those moments that you went for so many events with your friends or family in the beach, parks and beautiful moments, i want you to know that with this awesome instagram live features you can now share those moments at a go without much worries.

watch the YouTube video below if you want to know more about Instagram live features or how to go live in Instagram.

What Does it look like when you go live on Instagram?

  • People who followed you on Instagram will get a notification on their Instagram and while you’re filming or showing your streaming live videos, you can post or pin a status so that everyone can view your live video and your status.
  • Alternatively, you can turn comments or status off altogether.
  • If someone you follow starts a live story or live video, you will see “Live” under their profile picture in the Stories bar on their Instagram timeline.
  • During the live broadcast, you can comment and like your streaming video as much as you want their on your Instagram page.

However follow the steps or procedures below to go live on Instagram;

Tips on how to activate or how go live on instagram on Android & iOS

The feature has been available in America since November 2016 but recently in UK the features now go viral that made lots of people to start uploading their live streaming videos.

It really could not be more simple as you may think on how to go live on Instagram, just follow the procedures below just in three simple steps.

  1. Swipe to the right hand side of the main screen to get to the camera section,
  2. Swipe left along the bottom of the screen to go from ‘Normal’ to ‘Live’,
  3. Press ‘Start Live Video’ and start making live videos at a go.

NOTE; This features work perfectly when you already have the latest Instagram app and you will have to download it on any store that provides compatible apps to your device for example, use google play store to download Instagram latest app to your android device and you can now use other app providers to download and install the app to your device.

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