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Gmail Account Registration: Carrying out your Gmail registration does not require much technical or professional assistance, however why not do it your self. however google mail is one of the best web-mail service providers, that offers its users an easy and wonderful account platform because you will be able to use a single google account to access lots of other google account or platform such as blogger, google drive, google play store, Adsense, YouTube account and many more.

it is due to the compelling features and unique functions of google mail that made many users option for it and it is one of the web-mail service that is used by over 10 billion people around the world, however if you are intending to create a google mail account today, mind you that you are not making the wrong choice.

Do you know that google mail account is completely free, however creating or carrying out gmail registration does not require your credit card or paypal account in the registration process, kindly follow the proceedures i will be sahring with you to create your gmail account today.

Trending Features Of Google Mail Account

  • With gmail account you don’t need to scroll or navigate through your inbox to find the mail you are looking for, kindly use the search bar to find it at a glance,
  • gmail Registration as we said is completely free of cost,
  • Gmail account support lots of different language or its multi-language,
  • Gmail app is avalaible for you to acess your email easily with your device or smartphone.
  • google mail has a memory capacity of 15GB free storage capacity and 30TB of paid memory that is mainly for business use.

Signing up for Gmail account ( Gmail registration ) /account sign up

Gmail Account registration is pretty simple to carry out, meanwhile i will be sharing with you how you will do that on your own without any professional assistance.

Step 1 – open your browser, in the URL section of your Browser, enter the following URL, ( and click enter or load depending on your device,

Step 2 – On the landing page of the homepage of the above URL, navigate aound and click on the create account button or sign up button,

Step 3 – A registration form will be shown on the next page which will look exactly as the registration form in the image below,

Step 4 – Fill in your personal informations correctly as listed below.,

  • your first and second name,
  • choose your username or preffered email address that will end with,
  • enter your prefered password and enter again in the next column to confrim your password,
  • choose your date of Birth which starts with Date, day, and year,
  • Choose your gender, which will either be male, female or other.
  • Choose your country but if your country is automstically choosen, proceed to enter your mobile number,
  • Enter your Alternative mail which will either be Gmail account, yahoo or any other webmail account.

Step 5 – Click on the Next Button, a page will appear requesting you to “Agree To Google’s Terms of Service”, right on that page Click on “I AGREE“ after reviewing the terms of service.

Step 6 – A new page will be shown that will request you to verify your account, simply enter your mobile number and select either call or text, and click on continue,

  • Wait some few seconds a verification pin will be sent to you which you are not allowed to share with any body,
  • enter the pin in the space provided and click on verify.

WOOW! Here we go, your gmail account is ready for you to use, simple click on lets go or continue to view your inbox.

Now that you are done carrying out your gmail registration, i will now show you how to download app gmail app to your device.

How do i Download Goggle mail App

Google has made it pretty simple for you to download and use gmail app for free simply visit, and on the search section enter “Gmail” click on search, then click on the App as soon as it displays and click on install to have it installed to your device. although so many android device already has a gmail app already installed in it, however check your today and start using your mail with your smartphone.

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