How To Recover Your Gmail Account – Gmail Password Recovery

Recovering Your Gmail Password -These Are The Guidelines That Would Put You Through
Gmail Password Recovery -Most atimes we tend to forget our gmail account password and we start to panic… panic no more because your account is still safe for you to recover.
here you would be enlightened on the guidelines on your gmail password recovery. its not tedious, just follow the few guidelines that would be given below and with your username and few information, you are good to go.

How To Recover Your Gmail Password-Gmail Account Recovery

Gmail Account recovery procedures { gmail password recovery }

let’s go there straight up on your account recovery guidelines – gmail password recovery

please let us just follow these guidelines and see ourselves rejoicing…  below are the guidelines.

  • Firstly pay the Google Account Recovery page a visit.
  • input the Gmail username of the account you wish to recover.then click on next
  • here you would be required to put the last password you could remember,but worry less even if you can’t remember any.
  • at this point you would be required to input the phone number that’s linked to your gmail .input the number correctly.
  • you can either click on “send text message” or “get a call” option
  • in less than 60 seconds you would receive a code,input the code in the required box,and click on next.
  • at this juncture you are at the page were you would create another new password,and confirm the password and click on change password right away.

With these guidelines,you now have a new password and logged into your can make any other changes and settings in your account.

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I believe these information helped you to recover your account, please do endeavor to share with the social media handles below,drop your comments, suggestions and contributions using the comment box below.

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