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Foods that Prevents High blood pressure and diabetes – high blood pressure is the pressure generated due to the circulation of blood on the wall of the blood vessels, and this may occur depending on the state of the body system. diabetes normally occur when their is high blood sugar level over a prolonged time, Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger. If left untreated, diabetes can cause many complications.

foods that prevent diabetes and high blood pressure

chronic inflammation is a common health situation that contributes to diabetes, obesity arthritis and metabolic syndrome. this diseases occurs due to number of environmental factors such as taking processed food, saturated fats, sugar, and chemicals, inflammation is a harmful conditions that generate other health problems.

but quite unfortunately their is some natural foods that reduces the increase of inflammation levels in the body. this foods are the top 3 anti-inflammatory diet food which is made up of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, grains, and some spices. which will enhance the quantity of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet which is essential for preventing inflammation in the body.

♦ The following are the most essential foods that prevent diabetes and high blood pressure

♥ Vitamin C
♥ Ginger
♥ Omega 3 and essential fatty Acid


vitamin C is popularly known for its cold fighting abilities against inflammation, which is a powerful foods that prevent diabetes and high blood pressure  and antioxidant that reduce the danger against stress stress and works with vitamin E to work as a fighting force against inflammations.


ginger have good number of benefit which includes calming an upset stomach, it prevents motion sickness, and reduces inflammation and one of the essential foods that prevent diabetes and high blood pressure. ginger has been discovered to contribute to arthritis and various cancer.

♥ Omega 3 and Essential Fatty Acids.

this fatty acids assist in preventing heart disease, joint pain, mental health issues and inflammation. this is mostly found in vegetable oil, however this omega 3 are found in caught fish, krill oil, Olive oil, and Avocado.

currently the average american diet contain a ratio of 20:1 with this discovery research indicates that omega 3 fatty acids reduces inflammation and prevent important health conditions like diabetes and heart diseases, it is advised and recommended that 1,000 mg is taking two times a day.

to completely be free from inflammation always eat food rich in inflammation such as avocados, fish, oranges, lemons, and ginger in other to stay away from this health conditions.

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