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family locator is a pretty cool android application created to help you to locate your family and love ones, Geozilla is a an awesome app when it comes to locating your love ones and at the off chance saving your battery life while you are at it. Geozilla family locator is the most popular AI-powered GPS locator to keep keep your love ones on track. with this GPS tracker you will receive notification when love ones leaves or return from places they want to which may either be school or at workplace.

= User-friendly location history to keep you informed of each others day.
= A private chat to share images and video and keep you emotionally connected with one another.
=Location updates from Swarm and Facebook to keep you informed of each others social whereabouts.

Enjoy a seamless cross-platform communication, as you share your locations between Android and non-Android devices.

The awesome benefit of this great app is as follows.

keeps record of smart location history.
Battery-friendly GPS tracking.
Location-Based Errands of where you are going.
emergency Alert.

To download this wonderful app and enjoy Family Locator, You have to follow this steps below:

Go to Google play on your android device.

Type in “Family Locator” in the search bar.

Click download or install and installation process takes place.

Now, it has been downloaded, you can open and start using  family locator app with it’s great features.

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