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Hi pals just as we updated on our recent article about AnonyTun beta v5.0 VPN we also find it interesting to share with you the English version of this VPN since the recent one was the Spanish version.

However I want you to Remember that this particular version has no ads. In fact, that’s the main feature why many people prefers it to other VPN apps. Apart from the fact that it runs smoothly without ads, it seems to be more faster because the time and resources needed to load ads on the page.

However this article is presented to you to enable you to download the English version but every other settings and features are the same.

Download AnonyTun Beta VPN v5.0 APK

Step 1; however to download AnonyTun beta VPN Apk on your mobile & PC.  Click here to download now.

Step 2; Then Click on AnonyTun beta VPN Apk Latest Version

Step 3; However, wait for 3 minutes while Download AnonyTun VPN beta Apk for Android, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung and PC.

Step 4; Click on OK button to access application at any instance in time.
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Click here to view settings from previous post on AnonyTun beta VPN Spanish version

Features of AnonyTun beta VPN English version

  • It is written in English
  • It can access any website that you usually visit.
  • Streaming of videos from your favourite websites.
  • It hides your real IP address, thereby
  • Shielding you with a virtual IP.
  • It has popular connection protocol such as TCP, HTTP, SSL etc, which can be used to unblock restrictions by your internet service providers.
  • You can increase connection speed from the vpn settings, and more.

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