Download AnonyTun Beta V5.0 Apk latest Cracked version

Hi pals! do you know that you can download AnonyTun Beta V5.0 Apk latest version, all you need to do is to grab your mobile smartphone or PC and get it connected to the internet and download AnonyTun VPN Apk to your smartphone or PC device now because this AnonyTun VPN Beta apk has no ads, it’s faster and it also works with Glo unlimited free browsing cheat.

However you can now download this AnonyTun Beta v5.0 VPN apk on your Android phone if rooted or not, to enjoy free browsing with no disturbing or pop up ads. To say it all, the VPN is free to download and use and is developed with a responsive interface.

Meanwhile, as a cracked VPN, anonytun Beta has a very special and quite a little difference with the generally used anonytun, as they both have the same form of look and same configuration setting but language preference is not in english but Spanish.

However anonytun beta is a Modded version of anonytun vpn free from ads and the browsing experience speed is what seems so compelling what are you waiting for, grab your now.

AnonyTun VPN Apk is among the best among VPN and will guarantee to you the internet freedom you have been seeking for, This latest version is compatible on all Android, iPhone and tablet devices, running on only 4.1 and above. So for you to enjoy the amazing features of this VPN, you have to get it downloaded to your device

Features of Anonytun Beta V5.0 VPN That Will Make You To Download It

  •  It is ads free – this is one of the feature that enhance a good user experience in this very VPN
  • Anonytun beta is developed with a Very fast and the download speed is pretty much amazing with regard to the official anonytun vpn.
  • Designed with a beautiful and friendly interface with same configuration settings with anonytun.
  • It doesn’t eat up your battery, ram or hang your phone since it is ads free.
  • Compatibles for all android device, ranging from android 4.4 upward to android nougate 7.1.1 version.

Download AnonyTun Beta VPN Apk Latest Version

Step 1; However to download AnonyTun Beta VPN Apk on your mobile & PC. click here

Step 3; However, wait for 3 minutes to download AnonyTun beta VPN Apk for Android, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung and PC.

Step 4; Click on OK button to access application at any instance in time.

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However another interesting thing about this VPN is that it works awesomely well for glo browsing cheat. Which you will learn how to configure below.

  • Launch AnonyTun beta VPN on your smartphone.
  • Click on Stealth Settings.
  • Turn on Stealth Tunnel
  • Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
  • Connection Port to 80 Or 8080 Turn on
  • Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
  • Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
  • Now use below settings URL/Host:
  • Request method: POST.
  • Injection method: Normal. Tick User-Agent.
  • Leave other boxes un-ticked.
  • Click on Generate.
  • Then Save.
  • Click on Connect,
  • wait few seconds for AnonyTun to connect.


Meanwhile, feel free to make your comment and recommendation if you find any difficulty while Download AnonyTun Beta VPN Apk and we shall get back to you shortly. however, you can also share page link on your social media page so that your friends can also know about it. Thanks!!!

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