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Hi pal This very update is to help know how to easily download movies on coolmovies. This is because downloading contents from the platform is not as easy as platforms like Fzmovies, toxicwap, and lots more etc. You will have to make series of clicks before you can find the actual download link that will enable you download your favorite content from the platform. But before we go into that, lets take a quick look at the general features of This will enable you know more about the website.

CoolMoviez is an online movie zone. It makes available latest Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, all Indian movies and many more for you to download and enjoy. Virtually every movie from Bollywood entertainment industry can be found on CoolMoviez platform. These movies are available for you to download for free. So if you are from India or you are a very big fan of Indian movies and you are looking for a place to download Bollywood movies, is one of the best places you should visit.

Just as other movie download sites like, ToxicWap, O2tvseries etc. let you download unlimited number of movies without limits, Coolmoviez also lets you download as many Hollywood and Bollywood movies as you want on its platform without paying a dime. Most importantly, there’s no registration requirement needed to get started on the platform.

The site has a simple design in the sense that you can access the contents therein without difficulty. This does not however mean that downloading the contents contained therein is very easy. It would have been very easy if not for the fact that there are too many download links available on the platform. And finding the right one that will let you download your favorite movie on CoolMoviez platform is quite difficult.

In addition to the above there are certain ads on the platform that may redirect you to an entirely different platform, making it difficult for you to get to the next page where the movie you wish to download is located. But don’t worry about this cause we ‘ve got it covered in this post.

From the above, you will see that CoolMoviez platform is out to give you virtually all Indian movies you may possibly require. These movies come with the right size and format so as to give you a maximum satisfaction. Most importantly, you can download them for free and without limits. Movie Download Overview

CoolMoviez is a place to download your favorite Hollywood & Bollywood movies, all Indian movies and many more. There’s no registration process needed to get started on the platform. All you need to do is to visit using your mobile phone or PC browser.

In spite of the above, it is important for you to know that the issues earlier mentioned may make it difficult for you to download your favorite movies on CoolMoviez platform successfully and without stress.

The first issue you may encounter on the platform is that of ads that may redirect you to a totally different platform. These ads may not constantly interfere with your quite use of Coolmoviez platform. But to be on a safer side, I will recommend you visiting the platform using a UC Browser.

UC Browser has a powerful ad-block feature which guards against crazy ads that may interrupt your quite use of an online platform. Thus, using a UC Browser will ensure that you stay right on the platform that you visited without being redirected to an entirely different platform. Again, UC Browser has a powerful download speed and consumes less data.

So, if you ‘ve got a UC Browser installed on your device, use it to visit for it will help keep those ads that may redirect you to an entirely different platform at bay. If you don’t have a UC Browser installed on your device yet, click on either of the following links; UC Browser for Android Device, Download UC Browser Mini for Android Phones, UC Browser for iOS Device and UC Browser for PC to learn more and download one for free. And once you ‘ve gotten the App, follow exactly the below method so as to download your favorite movies from CoolMoviez platform successfully.

Category Of Movies to Download From CoolMoviez Platform

  • Hollywood Movies.
  • Bollywood Movies.
  • Chinese Hindi Dubbed Movies.
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies.
  • Hindi Dubbed English Movies – Full Series.
  • Bengali Movies
  • Cartoon Movies.
  • Cartoon Hindi Dubbed Movies.
  • Bollywood Old Movies.
  • Punjabi Movies.
  • Bhojpuri Movies.
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies.
  • Marathi Movies.
  • Tamil Movies.
  • Telugu Movies.
  • Malayalam Movies.

How To Download Movies From Portal

  • Visit This will take you straight to homepage where you will see various kinds of movies available for download (for the purpose of this post, we shall focus on Bollywood movies).
  • Scroll down to the site’s “Full Movies Menu” and click on “Bollywood Movies.” This will take you to the next page where you will see a list of “Bollywood Movies” available for download. To view more Bollywood movies on this page, click on the alphabet that represents the name of the movie you wish to download.
  • So click on your favorite movie from the list.
  • On the next page, you will see several download links. To find the right download link, all you have to do is – scroll down (before the bottom of the page) and click on the link that  has the “Title” of the movie you wish to download written on it. This is written in “Red Color.” This very link also has the number of times that very movie has been downloaded on CoolMoviez platform and the “Size” of the movie written on it, just as indicated at the bottom of the image below.

And once you click on this very link, you will be taken to the next page.

  • On the next page, click on the “Blue Link” next to the caption “Go to Download Page.” This blue link has the name of the movie you want to download written on it, just as indicated by the below image.

  • Then on the final page, scroll down to where two download servers are located. These are “Server 1 and Server 2. All you need to do here is to click on either of the download servers. Once you do this, your CoolMoviez Bollywood movies download will begin immediately. So just wait for a few minutes for the download process to be completed.


We Hope you are able to learn how to download movies from coolmovies, thanks for your continuous visit to our website

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