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if you happen to find your self in an abusive marriage or abusive relationship is all too common among married people, but the problem don’t just end ones until your marriage ends in a divorce. even though the abuse may be sexually, physically or emotionally. you can take measures to ensure that your next relationship is healthy and free of abuse. you can always find that perfect partner whom you can find a healthy and perfect relationship with, but ensuring that your are prepared and have some detailed guideline which is very significant.

abusive relationship

♥ Below are the indicated procedures you are required to follow to get back into a healthy and lovely relationship after abusive relationship.

1. Get professional advice
2. Learn as much as you can about abusive relationships.
3. Stay aware of your emotional state.
4. go slowly
5. Make sure you are legally protected

1. seek professional counselor or advisor:

Abusive relationship or marriage can take a longer period to let go off due to the fact that you have probably suffered emotional trauma and damages that you have to take care of before entering a new relationship, adhere to seek for a professional advice from a mental health professional as soon as possible so that you can start recovering process as quick as possible to get of from such depression.

2. Learn as much as you can about abusive relationships:

educating your self why abusive relationship happens can help you to know the root causes of abusive relationship, the effect it has brought over your emotional health and what leads people to enter into such relationship, this can be a driving force to make you and your next partner to have a healthy and awesome relationship.

3. Stay aware of your emotional state:

when you get so emotionally entangled in a perfect or potential partner, your ability to significantly evaluate that partner will be compromised. be aware of your emotional feeling to your partner and do seek advice from objective parties before getting involved to a fresh relationship.

4. Go slowly:

your past abused relationship must have cause some emotional damage and affect your ability to trust and start a fresh relationship. don’t rush into a new relationship with a new partner. you just have to take it slowly in building a new relationship just slowly over time, and let your partner be aware why you are cautious.

5. Make sure you are legally protected:

if your ex-partner still trouble or presents a threat to you, your well-being and your loved ones, you must have to ensure that no more damages can be done. talk to a legal practitioner or a lawyer about what opinion you have in asking the court for a restraining order or protective other that will limit contact between two of you.

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