5 remedies to relieve indigestion – Digestive probems

half of individuals in the population faces digestive problems or has faced digestive problems some times ago. this might give you sleepless nights and may also land you to the hospital, this might get to be very disturbing or severe if not treated or tackled in time.

⇒ Below are home remedies to treat and tackle Digestive problems:

  • Himalaya Gasex Syrup
  • Hajmola
  • Dabur purdin hara capsules
  • Pancharishta
  • Himalaya party smart capsules

⇒ Himalaya Gasex Syrup


this medicine is manufactured from natural herbs that stimulate digestive power. it gives nutrient to the digestive system that aids in quicker digestion. just a full table spoon of this syrup can help you in your every day digestion. however for any kind of gas problems, this syrup will work very great.


⇒ Hajmola


Hajmola is an an Ayurvedic product and its popular nature is known by every body, the make up of hajmola stimulates digestive system. it is manufactured with culinary herbs, spices, and edible salt that aids in food digestion easily. it comes from various flavors, so you can choose accordingly. Just take 2 to 3 tablets after every meal, and you won’t face digestive problems so much again.


⇒ Dabur purdin hara capsules


this capsule consist of pudina which is an effecctive herb for tackling digestive problems in the system. these capsule have been indicated to be helpful enough in providing help in treating indigestion.



⇒ Pancharishta


this syrup is very powerful offered by Zandu and it aids in various ways. if you are not feeling fine for some time, if it happens to be that medicine and your sedentary way of life have decreased your appetite, this pancharishta will aid in increasing your appetite, keeping aside that it will help in treating digestive problems it will also help you to recover from the overall ailment.


⇒ Himalaya party smart capsules


this capsule can help you from recovery in a lot of ways if you are a consumer of alcohol, it will save your liver, due to constant consumption of alcohol it may result to digestive disorder, this very capsule is manufactured to aid in curing the after effect of alcohol. it also aids in preventing nausea, drowsiness, headache, and vomiting. if you happen to be an alcoholic person you ought to take this capsule, it has no bad effect but can help you from digestive problems and keeping you healthy.

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